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Best Behaviour - The Social Etiquette Course

Social etiquette

Polish your politesse and swat up on the rules of civility with this crash-course in etiquette and social graces.

William will coach the participants through the essential rules of correct behaviour and demonstrate how 'old fashioned' values and customs can be adapted to the modern world.

Topics include:

How Do You Do?

  1. Handshakes, kisses and hugs: how and when to greet

  2. Meeting and greeting people from other cultures

  3. Introducing yourself and others

  4. Use of first names

  5. Small talk that doesn't involve the weather

  6. Mannerly mingling

Party Manners

  1. Timekeeping and timescales

  2. Menus for all occasions and fussy eaters

  3. The politics of seating plans

  4. Sending and replying to invitations

  5. Houseguests

  6. How and when to write a charming thank you letter

Best Foot Forward

  1. Sitting straight

  2. Standing tall

  3. Carriage and gait

  4. Making an entrance

  5. Leaving a good impression

  6. Understanding every-day body language signals

Suits You

  1. Decoding dress codes

  2. How not to look out of place

  3. Town vs country

  4. Business attire

  5. The silent class indicators of dress

  1. ...and more.

Cost includes morning and afternoon refreshments, light lunch and tuition.