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Courses for Businesses, Schools & Organisations

Aside from scheduled courses and private coaching, William continues to run private, tailored courses for small groups, corporates, organisations, schools and universities all around the world.

Some of William's most popular speaking topics, courses and workshops include...


In a digital age where online conversations are written and then edited before being sent, it is easy to see why spontaneous, free-flowing and natural conversation is a dying art. Generations have grown up unsure as to how to engage and fuel a conversation in their social or professional lives - restaurants, bars and clubs are now forced to play music so loudly to mask their patrons’ lack of conversational finesse.

This workshop offers the secrets for productive, fruitful and confident conversation with friends, colleagues and clients.

Topics include: When to use first names - Conquering nerves - Small talk topics that don’t involve the weather - What not to ask - Open-ended questions - The conversation tricks 'big players' use - Balancing mingling with munching - Getting rid of the social bore without offending - Perfect phrases for dealing with difficult people - Working the room... and more.

Ideal for groups: secondary and higher education, businesses & corporates, bi-lateral organisations, embassies and high commissions.


It's a cliché, but you really do only have one chance to make a first impression. This course will offer the secrets and knowledge of interpersonal skills to increase and maximise professionalism and executive presence to give the participants a competitive edge both in and outside of the workplace. Learn confidence without arrogance to make friends and influence people.

Topics include: First impressions - Handshakes and greetings for the international stage - Introducing yourself and other people - Joining a group - Including bystanders and strangers - How to cope when you forget their name - Entering and leaving a room with presence ... and more.

Ideal for private individuals and groups: secondary and higher education, business & corporates, bi-lateral organisations, embassies and high commissions.


The world may be getting more relaxed and casual with every passing year, but protocol remains key to successfully managing relationships and maximising potential in corporate and diplomatic situations. This course demonstrates how protocol is now more relevant and needed than ever before and how it can be applied to modern life.

Topics include: Protocol vs etiquette, Cultural differences with protocol, The importance of precedence, Seating arrangements, Processions and receiving Lines, Gifts and honours, Ceremonies, The protocol of dress... and more.

Ideal for private individuals and groups: businesses & corporates, bi-lateral organisations, embassies and high commissions.


In on-going partnership with The English Manner, William will lead a five-day programme of study, tailored for those who wish to gain formal training and certification in etiquette.

Upon completion of the training, successful candidates are given a printed and personalised copy of The English Manner's 350 page manual (edited and co-authored by William), a framed course certificate and potential to use The English Manner's globally recognised name for accreditation, subject to the terms of the agreement with the candidate.

Ideal for private individuals: 1-to-1 training.