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Correct Form

Even in a digital age, there is still a need to understand how the styling of a person's name and office can show respect and denote rank. In this three hour course, William guides participants in understanding the nuances and rules of written word.

Make your correspondence stand out by learning valuable skills that can be applied to your professional and social life.

Topics include:

  1. Public vs private letters

  2. Letter writing (social vs business)

  3. Letter blocking and formats

  4. Royal and diplomatic terminology

  5. Envelopes, labels and addresses

  6. Greetings cards and lists

  1. Pre- and post-nominals

  2. Titles and styles

  3. Forms of address

  4. Salutations and sign offs

  1. Guest lists

  2. Invitation layout

  3. Replying to invitations

  4. Chasing for answers

  5. Place cards and seating charts

Investment upon application. Group rates available.

Training venue: The Royal Society of the Arts, London.