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Dining Etiquette Course

Dining Etiquette

Refine your dining skills and learn the history of polite eating while enjoying the finest food in one of London’s best restaurants, Galvin at Windows.

You’ve seen the lavish dinner table scenes on Downton Abbey and The Crown - ever wished you could master the rules of the table so you fit in with the Windsors and Crawleys?

You will be taught all styles of dining etiquette (formal and informal) while enjoying a delicious lunch in one of London’s most prestigious restaurants in the heart of London. William will guide you through the plethora of rules and nuances of dining etiquette so you can confidently eat with friends, family and co-workers.

Even for those whose table manners are pretty polished already, you can enjoy learning the amusing and rich history behind the manners that we still use today.

Topics include:

  1. Navigating the place setting

  2. Don't hold it like a knife! How to correctly hold cutlery

  3. The rhythm of dining

  4. Posture and positioning for dining

  5. Napkin etiquette

  6. How to eat everything easily, from caviar to burgers

  7. Condiments and sauces

  8. Customs and nuances around the world

  9. Toasts and speeches

  10. Port protocol: Do you know the Bishop of Norwich?

  11. Tea, coffee and liqueurs

  12. Styles of service

  13. What to do when things go wrong

  14. ...and more.

£240 per person, inclusive of VAT.

Cost inclusive of three-course lunch with wine, coffee and tuition.

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