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Seven seconds to impress

It's a cliché, but you really do only have one chance to make a first impression. This 60 minute webinar will offer the secrets and knowledge of interpersonal skills to increase and maximise professionalism and executive presence to give the participants a competitive edge both in and outside of the workplace. Learn confidence without arrogance to make friends and influence people.

Dining etiquette fundamentals

Refine your dining skills and learn the history of polite eating all from the comfort of your own home. During this 100 minute webinar, you will be taught the different styles of dining etiquette, both formal and informal. William will guide you through the plethora of rules and nuances of dining etiquette so you can confidently eat with friends, family and co-workers. Even for those whose table manners are pretty polished already, you can enjoy learning the amusing and rich history behind the manners that we still use today.

The etiquette and history of afternoon tea

Is it ‘scone’ as in stone or ‘scone’ as in gone? Jam then cream, or cream then jam? When do you serve tea in a silver tea pot rather than a china pot? Afternoon tea can be a minefield of manners, but after this most elegant and educational of experiences you’ll know all the answers and never worry about it again. William Hanson will share his extensive knowledge and guidance in the quirky nuances of English tea etiquette. Participants are guaranteed to laugh and learn the colourful history of tea, cakes, scones and sandwiches in this 75 minute webinar, followed by a Q&A session.

Names, titles and forms of address

Even in a digital age, there is still a need to understand how the styling of a person's name and office can show respect and denote rank. In this 90 minute webinar, William guides online participants in understanding the nuances and rules of names, titles and forms of address.

William Hanson's webinars run via Livestorm, which is accessed via your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera are recommended). Upon registration participants will receive access information via email.