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Since 2015 William has written a regular tongue-in-teacup column for the world’s most read news website, the MailOnline. He comments on matters of taste, social class, etiquette and civility.

In conversation it would now be the protocol to refer to Meghan as, ‘Your Royal Highness’ and then ‘Ma’am’ (to rhyme with ham, not farm).

Date: 19/05/2018

Five-star hotels are a worthwhile treat. But they can be a bit bizarre, with conventions that are sometimes a mystery even to seasoned well-heeled travellers. Mr Hanson is here to help.

Date: 27/04/2018

FEMAIL's etiquette expert William Hanson tackles some of the common misconceptions around royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle's big day, which is now less than a month away.

Date: 21/04/2018

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, adding the gift registry to the invitation and a lengthy gap between the service and the wedding breakfast are among the major faux pas to avoid.

Date: 26/03/2018

Etiquette expert William Hanson says Meghan Markle's beagle Guy will be a welcome addition to the royal family when she marries Prince Harry in May because he is an upper class breed of dog.

Date: 23/02/2018

Mr Hanson's granny loved Rome's Hotel Eden when she visited in 2001. Now it's had a 17-month renovation and become part of the Dorchester Collection, is it still a class act?

Date: 06/02/2018

This week we've seen the Duchess of Cambridge dishing out high fives to schoolchildren, and Eamonn Holmes kissing Camilla on morning television. William Hanson is not impressed...

Date: 02/02/2018

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, Meghan Markle is not on top of her style game. He says she must ditch the black coats and stop wearing clothes from Marks and Spencer.

Date: 19/01/2018

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