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Business Protocol

People do business with people - and this one-day course reveals the rules, tools, secrets and psychology behind professional, polite and effective modern business.


Business Protocol

course outline

Even in this techno-driven, fast paced world the old adage that people do business with people still applies.

In this full day, one-to-one course, William will coach you through the rules, techniques and tricks that can enhance your professional reputation and bolster your bottom line.

You will be taught the lost tricks of canny human interaction than can build rapport with clients, colleagues and dignitaries around the world.

Topics listed below.


Investment upon application.

Group and couple rates available.

Investment includes tuition, morning and afternoon refreshments and all UK taxes including VAT.

Venue: The Royal Society of the Arts, London.

When: to suit your schedule.

Your grasp of current business affairs is fantastic, I’ve been on courses before where the trainer is slightly outdated in their hands-on experience, but you are very much involved in pitches and business meetings yourself, so everything you said resonated.
— Samantha, Company Director, October 2018

Course topics

  • Developing winning eye contact

  • Confidence without arrogance for greetings

  • How to say hello to prestigious people

  • Appreciative introductions and knowing the protocol

  • Small talk, big talk and everything in between

  • Help! I can't leave this conversation

  • Cultural differences in introductions

  • Exchanging contact information with aplomb

  • A businessperson's props and accessories

  • How to be dressed for success

  • Taking and receiving compliments

  • Accepting feedback with grace

  • Understanding the body language of the boardroom

  • Knowing when and where to sit in the boardroom

  • Managing meetings and personalities

  • Survival tips for Skype, BlueJeans and Zoom online meetings

  • Schedules, agendas and expectations

  • Meetings while munching

  • What to order when you are the guest

  • Paying the bill with style

  • Airport welcomes and departures

  • Entertaining overseas visitors

  • High context vs low context cultures

  • Is social media necessary for your career?

  • Mastering the written and digital worlds