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Children's Dining Etiquette

It’s never too early to learn good table manners. This lunchtime or early-dinner tutorial is ideal for parents who wish to reinforce the rules taught at home.



Dining Etiquette

course outline

It’s never too early to learn good table manners. They are skills that will last a lifetime and practice makes perfect.

In this lunchtime or early-dinner tutorial, William will teach the basics of polite dining, ways to cope in more complicated situations and how to look after guests and fellow diners.

William will show how, once learned, children can use the rules to calmly dine in formal situations or more relaxed environments with friends.


Investment upon application. Group rates available.

Investment inclusive of tuition, three-course lunch/dinner for two with soft drinks all UK taxes including VAT.

Venue: The Ritz, London.

When: to suit your schedule.

William is Standard DBS Certified.

William’s calm and jovial manner meant that my son was much more receptive to listening to the rules of dining than he would have been at home!
— Angela, February 2019

Course topics

  • How to eat tricky foods with grace and pose

  • Balancing chewing with conversation

  • Drinking politely

  • Salt, pepper and sauce etiquette

  • How to interact with the waiting staff

  • Excusing yourself from the table

  • Offering and passing food

  • …and more.

  • What are all these?  Understanding the place setting

  • How to hold knifes, forks, spoons and glasses correctly

  • Arriving at and leaving the table

  • Who should be started where

  • Ordering from a menu

  • Knowing when to begin, rest and finish

  • Napkin placement and use

  • Common slip-ups and how to avoid