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In January 2014 William released his first book, penned for the 5-million copy bestselling series Bluffer’s Guides. The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette sees William dispense invaluable advice on how to bluff your way through the minefield of top drawer etiquette and climb up the greasy ladder of society. Covering a broad range of topics, from social introductions, to weddings, funerals and Twitter, the book is vital for the socially less fortunate.

“It’s a handbook for social climbing,” says William. “It gives you the tools and know-how to work your way through the quagmire of the British class system and end up on top. And for those who are, like me, already socially affluent, it provides an amusing tableau of the unwritten rules of the cut-glass finger bowl brigade”.

In autumn 2019 William’s second book will be released. The Bluffer’s Guide to Entertaining is the natural follow-on from his first book for the hit Bluffer’s series and covers many forms of social entertaining, including drinks and cocktail parties, dinners, tea parties and dining in restaurants. Pre-orders will be available from this webpage soon.

William has also contributed to several books, most notably including:

Rhymer Rigby’s ‘The Careerist’ (2012).
Andy Scott's 'One Kiss or Two? In Search of the Perfect Greeting' (2017).

He has written the forewords to:

The re-print of the 1873 book 'How to Behave' by Thomas Low Nichols.
The 2017 re-print of the first edition of Emily Post's 'Etiquette'.
'Scone or Scon? The Essential Guide to British Afternoon Tea' by Jane Malyon (2018).

Reviews for The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette

"The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette is the most snobbish book I have ever read… is it wrong to say that I enjoyed every page of it? William Hanson is the 21st century’s high priest of snobbery – which I suppose makes it perfect if that is your ambition too!"
Eamonn Holmes, broadcaster.

"Until Hanson’s Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette landed in our house (note: not our ‘home’) Coco our mongrel was widely acknowledged to have the best manners in the family. But now I no longer HKLP (hold knife like pen) and am buying copies for all my friends and friends’ children for presents. William Hanson’s brilliant and essential book is social satnav and a funny and infallible guide to modern life and times."
Rachel Johnson, author, columnist & former editor of The Lady.

"This little volume is a true delight and Mr Hanson has plundered some well worn books on U and non-U traditions: the most tongue in cheek volume yet published... delightful."
Amazon reviewer

"Manners say a lot about a person as do dirty shoes, grubby hands and unkempt hair. I believe in today's fast-moving world there is, unfortunately, more grubbiness and less manners. But in The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette – which is both factual and funny – we discover how to and how not to behave. How refreshing it is to see people like William telling us all is not lost and there's still hope."
Dickie Arbiter, Former Buckingham Palace Press Spokesman.

"This is very enlightening, and an absolute scream. The humour is dry and the information, if not crucial, is very, very interesting."
Amazon reviewer

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The Bluffer's Guide to Entertaining (signed)

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